Antonio Davis Calls Out LeBron James For Being Soft and Complaining

Antonio Davis Calls Out LeBron James For Being Soft and Complaining

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LeBron James is under heavy fire against the media these past three days as he tries to recover from his altercation with Draymond Green. Many NBA players and former NBA players have commented on the matter.

Former NBA player Antonio Davis came out by saying that LeBron James was too soft and he needs to go beast mode instead of complain:

“Even I want to call him that [bit**] too, stop complaining about not getting calls. Just run somebody over force them to make a call, if not then you are bit**”

–Antonio Davis via ESPN Radio

There has been so much heat on LeBron James these past few days. Do you think he deserves it? Let us know in the comments.

  • jamespadgett

    He was clearly being VERY DISRESPECTFUL of Green by stepping over him as he did. He could EASILY have taken a step and gone AROUND him. Referee’s decision is totally unreasonable and unfair.

    • Tom Davis

      The referee’s decision? The referee did nothing about it

  • Vernon

    Yes he deserves it! He does the same thing the league just kisses up to him.

  • GBALL1945

    James complains about non calls against him, maybe he should be thankful that the many many fouls he does are not called. he loves to throw his elbows around in players faces and shoulders. He threw Green to the floor, steps over him and then green gets a flagerant foul. LaBitch is to NBA what Crosby is to NHL.

    • Tom Davis

      As did Bryant, Jordan, Bird, Kareem, Hakeem, etc. All greats hold off/hook/elbow. The only difference here is that the lemmings hate this guy enough to unite and pretend no one else was physical (actually worse) than James.

  • Robert Elias Abu Shanab

    The league is getting a bad reputation and rightfully so because it gives preferential treatment to the face of the NBA,aka Lebron James.