Draymond Green Says He Wants to ‘Destroy’ and ‘Annihilate’ Cleveland

Draymond Green Says He Wants to ‘Destroy’ and ‘Annihilate’ Cleveland

Even before things reached new heights during last year’s NBA Finals, there was already an intense rivalry brewing between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James was clearly being affected by all of the hype around the Warriors, Steph Curry infamously said the Cavs locker room still smelled like champagne months after the Warriors won a title there, and Draymond Green drunkenly said “They suck? Yup!” about Cleveland during the Warriors’ title celebration.

Just when it looked like the Warriors were going to silence any doubt about who the superior team in the rivalry was, the Cavs won three games in a row and completely stole the momentum back in their favor along with the NBA championship. Today, Green spoke about Cleveland for the first time since the finals, and perhaps elevated the rivalry to another level yet again.

The only real surprise here is Green being honest and blunt when most players play things close to the chest. Last year, while the media was fawning over the Warriors as they cruised to the best regular season ever, LeBron James obviously wanted to destroy the Warriors. He just didn’t say it. He showed it with his play in the Finals instead.

Draymond, as he so often does, has decided to tell instead of show. This year, can he actually back it up with the results on the court when it matters most? We will have to wait until June to find out.