LeBron James Fires Warning Shot to Cavaliers Front Office

LeBron James Fires Warning Shot to Cavaliers Front Office

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J.R. Smith and LeBron James

When watching Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert give his speech at the Cavs championship parade this summer, one thing became exceptionally clear. While LeBron James may have returned to Cleveland and succeeded in mending his relationship with the good people of Cleveland, becoming one of the city’s great sports heroes, he still does not like Dan Gilbert.

And for good reason. Dan Gilbert sucks. While LeBron can forgive the Cavs fans for burning his jersey, Gilbert’s comic sans letter will never be forgotten. The tension between LeBron and Gilbert will always be the biggest driving factor in the idea that LeBron will leave Cleveland again someday.

If you’re someone who is hoping this will happen, a quote James gave today about J.R. Smith’s ongoing contract negotiations should make your day a whole lot better.

It’s pretty clear James is siding with Smith on this issue. After James and his teammates brought a championship to Cleveland for the first time in 40 years, they should all get whatever they want. Gilbert cashed out last season, but he is yet to do the same this year.

The Cavs also let point guard Matthew Dellevadova walk despite his status as a restricted free agent. If another team swooped in and made Smith a huge offer, it could do irreparable damage to James’ relationship with the Cavs organization.

As fun as that sounds, I wouldn’t count on it. Smith should be back in a Cavs uniform before long.

  • susandanielspi

    LeBron is / was / and will always be an ungrateful a-hole.

    • Kenny Powell

      Why cause he black!

  • mrgunz

    I don’t know why LeBron ever came back to Cleveland to play for that bitch Gilbert!