10 NBA Players Who Got Ridiculously Fat After Retiring

10 NBA Players Who Got Ridiculously Fat After Retiring

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Professional athletes are known to be in amazing shape their entire careers, but to maintain that physical form after they retire is another challenge in itself. When athletes retire, they feel the need to eat, lounge, and relax after putting their bodies through years of work.

With intense work out routines, these athletes looked amazing when they were playing for the NBA, but after they retired, they lost it. We don’t even think that they let themselves go a little bit, they really let themselves go. We bring you 10 NBA players who got ridiculously fat after retiring. Enjoy!

10. Antoine Walker

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Antoine Walker had a long career with the Boston Celtics, averaging 20 points in six seasons of his career. Walker was a great NBA player back in the day, but after retiring he lost millions of dollars only to gain 50 pounds.

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