10 Players Who Could Beat Stephen Curry 1-on-1

10 Players Who Could Beat Stephen Curry 1-on-1

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Stephen Curry is the current MVP of the league and he is looking to win his second MVP title this year. While most agree he will be a repeat MVP this year, there are some players who may be individually better than he is, especially when it comes to 1-on-1 match ups.

We have assembled 10 possible players who could take on Curry one-on-one and possibly beat him. Just because he has a deadly three-point shot, doesn’t mean he can always get it off in a one-on-one situation. Here are 10 players that could beat him with their all-around basketball skills.

10. James Harden

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James Harden is considered a much more well-rounded player than Stephen Curry. With a three-pointer that has most of these defense worried, he also posses a good drive that would be hard for Curry to stop. Harden taking it to the rim each time would surely tire out Curry.

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