Top 15 Hottest Alleged Mistresses of NBA Players

Top 15 Hottest Alleged Mistresses of NBA Players

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NBA players spend a lot of time on the road when they are going through a regular season. One would question their loyalties during these road trips while they are away from their wives. NBA players have historically been know to cheat on their wives and get into some trouble with some hot babes.

Even the most popular names in basketball have been exposed as cheaters, but you won’t believe some of the girls they allegedly got with. We bring you the top 15 hottest alleged mistresses of NBA players.

15. Latosha Lee

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Shaq had many alleged mistresses throughout his career. Latosha Lee was reportedly caught exchanging emails back in 2009 with Shaq, even though she was currently seeing Dominque Wilkins’ newphew, Damien Wilkins.

The emails were reportedly of Lee seeking love and money from the giant center. O’neal was making plans to visit her in florida to give her advice on getting more money from Wilkins.

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