Miami Heat Waiting to Waive Chris Bosh, Don’t Want Him on a Playoff Team

Miami Heat Waiting to Waive Chris Bosh, Don’t Want Him on a Playoff Team

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One of the most shocking developments of the late offseason has been the still unfolding saga between the Miami Heat and their longtime big man Chris Bosh. After he has been sidelined with life-threatening medical issues for the past two seasons, most experts were expecting this to be the year he came back full-strength. But apparently, the Heat didn’t feel as confident.

It was revealed seemingly out of nowhere that Bosh’s career with the Heat is over. He insists that the team does not have his best interests in mind, and only want him off of their salary cap. Bosh has stated time and time again that he will be back in an NBA uniform before long. But once again, the Heat have shown they have different plans for Bosh.

Instead of getting it over with now and allowing Bosh his freedom, the Heat intend to wait it out and game the system to ensure that the versatile big man won’t come back to bite them in the postseason — not that the Heat will be anywhere near playoff basketball this year.

Unless there is something I’m missing, this just seems like a sour and malicious move from the Miami front office. If they want Bosh off of the team, then let him go and start his career somewhere else.

My frustration with the Heat front office is definitely colored by my love for Bosh. I think he is one of the best, most underrated players of his generation, and seems like a joyous person overall. But also, consider this: the big three of Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade that were supposed to bring more than five championships to the Heat have now all been driven from Miami by the organization. They all left, and they all left on bad terms with the front office, Pat Riley specifically, just six years after they joined forces. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.