Carmelo Anthony Not Happy With Knicks’ Recent Coaching Decisions

Carmelo Anthony Not Happy With Knicks’ Recent Coaching Decisions

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New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is likely to have a confusing legacy when his career ends.

He is a historically great scorer, and one of the best international players Team USA has ever had. But unless he teams up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for the final act of his career. it is unlikely he will ever win a championship, or ever see an NBA Finals.

What’s unclear is how much he can be b;lamed for that. He’s spent his career on the Knicks and the Denver Nuggets, two teams not exactly known for their championship pedigree. But could he have done more to help his teams other than just score? Could he have left New York for a real contender? If he had been drafted by the Detroit Pistons, would he be a champion and considered an equal to Dwyane Wade?

Some of these questions can’t be answered. All we know is that Anthony has stuck it out in New york, even though the Knicks have rarely made that easy for him.

Today, Anthony let that frustration slip into his reaction to the announcement that Kurt Rambis would be taking over the Knicks’ defense, which has struggled to start the season.

Melo isn’t the only one unhappy in New York though.

Clearly, all is going according to plan once again for the Knicks.

For me, Phil Jackson had two obvious routes. Trade Anthony for picks and young players in order to build around budding superstar Kristaps Porzingis, or keep Anthony around as a mentor to Porzingis and try to find a path to contention elsewhere.

Instead, he did… something else. Something that I don’t fully understand. He brought in a bunch of mediocre-to-good veterans on pretty expensive contracts, brought in a good new coach, while still keeping the bad old coach around for some reason, I guess in an effort to build a playoff team?

And if it wasn’t enough that Jackson kept Rambis around, he also had to insist that Hornacek, who did a wonderful job in Phoenix before the team fell apart, run the triangle offense, which his personnel doesn’t fit into.

Now the Knicks have played six games and everyone is already mad at each other. I think it’s time the league intervene and trade Porzingis to the Spurs before this all gets out of control. Though Jackson may just do that on his own for all we know.