Andrew Bogut Joins the Bashing and Fires Shots at Clippers

Andrew Bogut Joins the Bashing and Fires Shots at Clippers

The bashing continues, as Andrew Bogut fired shots this morning at the Los Angeles Clippers. The rivalry has been going on since two or three years ago and the flames have never been higher. After winning the NBA Championship, the Clippers have been firing subtle shots since they did not have to play them in the Western Conference Finals. Klay Thompson, earlier this week, fired shots at the Clippers as well.

Andrew Bogut joined Fitz and Brookz podcast and had this to say about the Clippers:

“I’ve actually got my [championship] ring fitted for my middle finger, so they can kiss that one,” Bogut deadpanned. He went on to elaborate on the concept of respecting success. “I just don’t understand that. We respect all previous champs. We’ll respect future champs. They don’t want to respect us, so be it.

“We’ve got a ring. We did all the hard work. We know what it takes. We don’t need any more motivation, but if they want to throw some at us, we’ll definitely put it on a board and be aware of that.”

“It’s one thing taking it from a team that’s won a championship, taking those kind of criticisms. But from a team that hasn’t? It’s kind of dead air.”

—Andrew Bogut, via The Pick and Roll

This season is going to be absolutely fantastic with the young rivalries forming in the west. It seems like many people have Golden State Warriors as a target this year, even James Harden has had a few choice words for Stephen Curry. Things will be heating up very soon as the Clippers and Warriors are set as two of the top teams in the west.