Draymond Green Arrested in Michigan For Assault

Draymond Green Arrested in Michigan For Assault

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Draymond Green has just come off one of the most upsetting NBA Finals loss in history and now he ends up getting arrested in Michigan. The All-Star was reportedly in Michigan when he was arrested for assault. There are not many details on what exactly happend, but its clear that he was arrested in Michigan:

The details of Green’s arrest are unknown at this time.

“The police department is not confirming any arrest with that name,” said Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth, the East Lansing police department Public Information Officer. “What I can confirm is that we did arrest a current NBA basketball player this weekend and he was arrested for assault. That’s all we’re confirming right now.”

Green has 10 days to return to East Lansing and be arraigned on the charge in the city’s attorney office. His arrest report is not yet available online.

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Wow this does not look good for Green as he will likely be suspended or fined from the NBA or his team. Green had an amazing season with the Warriors, but getting arrested for such a petty thing does not sound like the Draymond Green we know.