Dwight Howard Detained for Carrying a Gun at the Airport

Dwight Howard Detained for Carrying a Gun at the Airport

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Dwight Howard was detained, August 28th, for carrying a handgun at the airport. The Houston Rockets center, was held at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when a concealed handgun in Howard’s carry-on bag was found. Howard told the police that he was permitted to give the handgun to his associate.

Kese Smith, spokesman for Houston P.D., said that the district attorney’s office did not press charges. They also let Dwight board a later flight the same day.


Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith said Wednesday that Howard was stopped at Terminal E at 7 a.m. when TSA officials discovered a pistol in the bottom of a carry-on bag.

Howard told officials the gun was his and after being detained by law enforcement officials he was allowed to give the handgun to an associate.

The Houston District Attorney’s office was contacted after Howard was detained and declined to press any criminal charges against him.


According to Smith, this is a standard procedure whenever firearms are found at an airport. Whether your a star NBA center or an average Joe, carrying firearms at the airport is a serious offense. The Rocket’s center will probably have to think it over before he decides to bring a pistol to the airport again.