Oklahoma City Thunder are Considering Changing Their Logo

Oklahoma City Thunder are Considering Changing Their Logo

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When the Oklahoma City Thunder released their logo in 2008, it showed nothing about Oklahoma, the city itself, thunder, or even the native bison. This shield logo has nothing much to do with the team and Grantland reports the Thunder could be changing their logo in the future


No team has worse art, top to bottom, and Nike will push for an overhaul once it replaces Adidas as the league’s apparel partner in 2017. Nike and the Thunder are already talking, and the Thunder “haven’t ruled out” a more explicit weather-related secondary mark, Byrnes says.

Bad news: Oklahoma City seems locked into the shield motif and likely won’t replace it with a bison — or anything else. “To some extent, we are committed to the idea we have,” Byrnes says. “But we would not dismiss good feedback, particularly from Nike. We’re open to modernizing the logo, but we don’t have an appetite to overhaul it.”


Changing the logo can not happen as quick as one may think. The brand is everything to the team and changing it could be very good or very bad for the team. Oklahoma City suffers from tornadoes all the time and it is only fitting if there was at least a storm cloud or a thunder bolt on their logo. When your living in a place with tornadoes, the last thing you’ll want to think about is storms and clouds, though.

As it seems for now, the shield in the logo will stay, but the OKC Thunder will definitely be thinking about new branding and other options that will make this logo really shine.