The Lakers Investigating Jordan Clarkson And Nick Young For Sexual Harassment

The Lakers Investigating Jordan Clarkson And Nick Young For Sexual Harassment

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Two popular players in Los Angeles, Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson, were allegedly harassing a lady from their vehicle. The two were spotted and posted directly to Instagram. This post explains the alleged situation of Jordan Clarkson and Nick young:

I pray these pics go viral because THIS is the problem with little boys. Five minutes ago, at the intersection of Melrose and La Bre here in LA, a jeep of four boys pulled up at a red light and started yelling and making the most disgustingly vulgar gestures at my mom and me. I rarely “rant” about things but this is the f%+#ing problem and the reason I’ve now dedicated my life to educating young men about respect, not just for women but for everyone. I’m angry. I’m insulted. I’m hurt. They were laughing hysterically until they realized I was filming them and immediately they panicked like the cowards they are. Thank you to all the real men out there who would never treat a mother and daughter that way… Speaking of, I’d love for this to make it back to their mothers!!! Help me find who these guys are!!! Let’s see the power of social media and hold them accountable. I’d LOVE to have a candid conversation with them about sexual harassment not simply to shame them, but to understand their mentality so we can better educate young men to be respectful in the future. #littleboys #cowards #realmenrespectwomen #messedwiththewrongchick #wewillfindyou @iamthatgirl

A photo posted by Alexis Jones (@missalexisjones) on Mar 20, 2016 at 7:38pm PDT

Alexis Jones is a strong female advocate of stopping athletes from sexual harassing females. She posted this straight to Instagram. The two have apologized to her and the Lakers and Byron Scott will be looking into the matter.