Paul George Sends Gift to Woman He Kicked Ball at

Paul George Sends Gift to Woman He Kicked Ball at

- in Indiana Pacers

NBA basketball can be one of the more dangerous sports for live spectators. If it isn’t Ron Artest punching you in the face, or LeBron James barreling into you in the first row at full speed, it can be a ball kicked by Paul George nailing you in the face.

That’s what happened during the Chicago Bulls-Indiana Pacers game on Saturday night. And even though George hugged the fan immediately after the incident, he didn’t feel he had apologized fully and sent a gift to her today to make up for it.

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Having a clip of hugging an NBA superstar on national television was probably an adequate gift for the young woman, but flowers aren’t bad either.

George was ejected from the game, but he is likely to have a bigger punishment come down from the league soon. When Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins stormed into the crowd and threw his mouthguard earlier this season, the league fined him $25,000. What George did was considerably worse, given that he could have seriously hurt a fan, so I would expect the fine to be bigger. George does not carry around Cousins’ reputation with the league though, so perhaps this apology will be enough to get him out of a big fine.