Carmelo Anthony is Trying to Recruit Kevin Durant for 2016

Carmelo Anthony is Trying to Recruit Kevin Durant for 2016

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Kevin Durant will be 2016’s hottest free agent. You can bet that all teams with a chance will be heavily involved in obtaining Durant. The New York Knicks have been mentioned a bit in the past as suitors for the young former MVP, but only time will tell us the true answer.

Stephen A. Smith claims that Carmelo Anthony has been putting on a full-court press in order for Durant to leave his current team.


“I know for a fact that Carmelo Anthony has been and will continue to recruit Kevin Durant until the cows come home,”

“I’m also hearing that Kevin Durant is giving the New York Knicks consideration.”

—Stephen A. Smith, First Take

Derek Fisher being hired as the New York Knick’s head coach, contributed to Melo’s decision only because Kevin Durant endorsed Fisher, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Y! Sports.

Durant is definitely going to be the most desired free agent next year, but who has left no solid clue as to where he will land. The only thing he has said was that he currently is trying not to get yelled at by Russell Westbrook.

Things are certainly going to heat up as Summer 2016 approaches.  We as fans can only wait to see where Kevin Durant winds up.  One things for sure, its going to be a bumpy ride.