Cavaliers’ Players ‘Pissed’ That Front Office Didn’t Resign Kendrick Perkins

Cavaliers’ Players ‘Pissed’ That Front Office Didn’t Resign Kendrick Perkins

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The Cavaliers had a chance to resign Kendrick Perkins, last summer, but chose not to because he has been slowly declining in his offensive production and athleticism. Most would think that this was the right move for the team, but believe it or not, the players on the Cavaliers did not like this move by management. They viewed Perkins as a great leader with grit and toughness. In fact, they weren’t just let down, they were pissed.

They were highly pissed. I knew this for a fact. They were highly ticked off, this team, when the team didn’t re-sign Kendrick Perkins and they ended up picking up over the summer Sasha Kaun – a 29-, 30-year-old rookie who has not really played at all and I don’t really think is ready for the NBA.

So, he’s collecting about $2 million right now a season and not even playing. Kendrick Perkins would’ve been brought back for the veteran’s minimum.

Players – I know for a fact, I talked to them – they were highly ticked off about that, not bringing him back. Because it wasn’t about his numbers. It was about the intangibles, the emotional leadership and the enforcer, the enforcement role he brought to the team.

–via Chirs Haynes

With Kendrick Perkins playing no minutes on the Pelicans, the Cavaliers could have used him in a more veteran role for the team. Playing for the Cavaliers could have been the push they needed to bring it every night on the court and maintained a certain level of toughness.