Los Angeles Lakers Considering Blockbuster Trade to Bring Paul George to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lakers Considering Blockbuster Trade to Bring Paul George to Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles Lakers are loaded with the second overall draft pick, cap space and great young assets to do pretty much anything this offseason. With Paul George being from the Los Angeles area, analysts are speculating the Lakers will be making a heavy push to bring George to LA.

Paul George loves the area he is from and most believe he would love to take over the franchise, now that Bryant is out of the picture. It’s no secret that the Pacers are not contenders and they look to be very far off from contending any time soon:

If the Lakers are able to steal George from the Pacers they most likely will be giving up D’Angelo Russell and their second pick in the draft. This would be a lot to give up, but the Lakers would become an instant destination for free agents like Kevin Durant and Demar Derozan.

Lakers’ fans will be praying for big change this offseason as they finished second to last in the entire league. With the recent signing of Luke Walton as coach, the Lakers’ future looks bright.

  • sheckyshabaz

    the lakers are not loaded with draft picks, as in plural. They have two, just like everyone else. Quit stretching the truth to gain clicks.

    • Jay

      Where does it say the Lakers are loaded with draft picks at?

      • Peter Griffin

        The first sentence.

      • sheckyshabaz

        ummm the first sentence, did you read the article?

    • Fernando Moncada

      SMH! maybe if you knew grammar you would understand the sentence! let me break it down for you…it says they are loaded WITH second overall pick (COMA) cap space (AND) great young assets…

      • sheckyshabaz

        You dumb piece of s***, they edited the article after i commented; read the other comment from Peter below as he saw the exact same thing 4 days ago. Before you talk about grammar you should learn a few things.

        1. Capitalize the first letter of a sentence
        2. Avoid using all caps

        * “Maybe if you knew grammar you would understand the sentence” he said, then goes on to spell the word comma as “coma”. Idiot. The irony that a twat like yourself uses the word “coma” when trying to correct me when the word “coma” is a state of unconsciousness.

        • Fernando Moncada

          Lmao! Hey go get laid! Maybe some of that anger you have within will disappear. And thanks for letting me know about the “comma”. Its hard sometimes to kepp up when you know more than one language. Im sure you understand that.

          • Fernando Moncada


          • sheckyshabaz

            You came at me with an insult pretending to be intelligent. I called you on it and pointed out how idiotic you were then you criticize me. You’re even dumber than i thought. BTW, it’s “keep” not kept, Mr. Grammar police

      • sheckyshabaz


        Look at the first sentence under the title of the article from the screenshot i took you blind as a bat rat bastard.

      • RD

        Haha. I’m with you on this one. I think he has an issue with reading comprehension? Why stop at draft picks when the word ‘loaded’ refers to “2nd draft pick, cap space and great young assets”. SMH

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Mitch is not stupid like bill simmons is, and will never trade top3 plus Randle, as we all know George wants to be back with his family in California. Maybe Russell, Young and 2nd round pick.