NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Willing to Be Traded If Knicks Want Him Out

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Willing to Be Traded If Knicks Want Him Out

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Drama has been circling around New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony for weeks now.

The Knicks season is falling short of expectations, and it is beginning to become clear that Anthony may never have the chance to win in New York. But if the Knicks want him out — and it seems like they do — he will have to waive his no-trade clause.

After meeting with Knicks executive Phil Jackson and telling him he would have no interest in leaving New York, it seems Anthony may be having a change of heart.

I have the power, but still I would talk to them. We would be in communication if they feel like they want to go in a different direction, they want to start rebuilding for the future. If they tell me they want to scrap this whole thing, yeah, I have to consider it,” said Anthony.

The long time Knick clearly wants to stay in New York, whether it is because he likes it there or just because his wife doesn’t want to leave New York. But it seems like Jackson and the Knicks’ front office are beginning to wear him down. They clearly don’t want him there anymore if Anthony is even starting to consider a trade.

If Jackson is putting this much pressure on his star for a trade, he better have a good one in place. It is unclear who around the league would have the assets and the interest necessary to trade for a player of Anthony’s caliber.

A trade would definitely be best for both parties. The Knicks can focus on building around young star Kristaps Porzingis, and Anthony can go play for a team that’s, you know, not the New York Knicks.