NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Have Potential Trade Package for Carmelo Anthony

NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Have Potential Trade Package for Carmelo Anthony

Last week, it was reported that the New York Knicks had reached out to the two teams Knicks star Carmelo Anthony would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for — the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers — about a potential trade.

The Knicks wanted either Clippers star Blake Griffin or Cavs forward Kevin Love in return — so both teams hastily declined. Now, rumors are coming out that the Knicks have revisited a deal with the Clippers, and have drastically reduced their asking price.


The New York Knicks are open to trading Carmelo Anthony to the Los Angeles Clippers in a package that does not include Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan or Blake Griffin.”

“A Clippers’ deal for Anthony would likely include one or even two players from the group of Jamal Crawford, J.J. Redick or Austin Rivers.”

The Clippers reportedly have to move $27 million in salary in oder to fit Anthony on the roster, meaning they would definitely have to trade two of the listed players.

The injury-laden Clippers could certainly use the Knicks nine-time All-Star to help put them back in the conversation at the top of the Western Conference. If they could get him by only giving up Crawford and Rivers, that would be a steal. If Reddick is involved as well, that is another story entirely.

As for the Knicks, I see no reason they would want to make this trade unless a large bounty of picks is involved. Reddick is on an expiring contract, Crawford is long over-the-hill, and Rivers is simply not very good. Maybe they are just that desperate to get rid of Anthony.