NBA Rumors: Thunder Looking to Make Blockbuster Trade For Rudy Gay

NBA Rumors: Thunder Looking to Make Blockbuster Trade For Rudy Gay

When talking about the Sacramento King’s future, everything is always about DeMarcus Cousins. Will he be traded?Will he leave in free agency? Will the Kings convince him to stay by building a championship team?

Well, as per usual, Cousins is not the only unhappy one in Sacramento this season. His longtime teammate Rudy Gay has made it pretty clear that his time with the Kings is up at the end of this season as well.

Now, the Oklahoma City Thunder are looking to capitalize on that in order to get Russell Westbrook some scoring help.

They remain interested in bigger wings, including Rudy Gay, sources say, in part because such a player would slide everyone down to their intended spots: Oladipo to the bench, and Andre Roberson back to defending shooting guards.”

— Zach Lowe via ESPN

I like the idea of moving Thunder wing Victor Oladipo back to the bench and giving Westbrook at least one other person in the starting lineup who can create his own shot, but I don’t think Gay is the guy for the job.

He has proven pretty conclusively that he just isn’t a helpful NBA player. He stops the ball and doesn’t score efficiently enough to make it worthwhile.

At the same time, if you look around the trade market, there aren’t many better options for the price the Thunder are able to pay.