REPORT: Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook Planning to Team up on Lakers

REPORT: Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook Planning to Team up on Lakers

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Now that 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant has left the Oklahoma City Thunder to play with the Golden State Warriors, Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has joined the fraternity of the lonely superstar.

Players like Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins, Indiana Pacers forward Paul George, and New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis who are putting up fantastic numbers on teams that seem doomed to fail time and time again.

Westbrook’s team is a bit better than where his fellow lonely superstars play, but still, the whole ordeal seems hopeless. In order to become a real contender, Westbrook is going to have to follow in the footsteps of his longtime teammate Durant and form a superteam.

According to this report from Brian Boyles of Bleacher Report, a plan to do so is already in the works, as Westbrook and Davis consider teaming up with the Los Angeles Lakers somewhere down the line.

Thad Foucher of the Wasserman Media Group, the same agency that represents Russell Westbrook, is Davis’ agent. A source close to Davis’ agent floated the possibility that the end game could find the two uniting in Los Angeles with the talent-starved Lakers. Those kind of rumors are the ones that expand into panic when a team flails like the Pelicans have in the last two seasons.”

It may sound like some classic Lakers conspiracy nonsense, but it does make quite a bit of sense. Westbrook went to college at UCLA, and has always been expected to end up back in the city of angels at some point.

Davis, unlike Westbrook, has never had any success with the team that drafted him, and really has no reason to be expected to stay there long-term.

The Oklahoma City guard has the option to become a free agent after the 2017-18 season, whereas Davis is currently locked up through 2021. But if Westbrook bolts to LA after next season, perhaps trade talks could begin between New Orleans and the Lakers, a team with a bevy of interesting young players.