Rumors: Anthony Davis to the Warriors?

Rumors: Anthony Davis to the Warriors?

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Hey, people who are fans of literally any other team not named the Warriors in the West – ready for your day to get a little extra worse?

The Golden State Warriors hinted that a possible Draymond Green trade could be in the works via Centrio Times. Whispers are circulating that Golden State is miffed about Green’s temperamental antics (or his inability to know how the Direct Message feature works?) and could be leaning toward trading the forward. One named being tossed around is none other than the New Orleans Pelicans NBA All-Star Anthony Davis.

So, yes, it is a possibility that Davis could be added to the Death Lineup come next season and Green’s foot will have to zero in on the crotches of his former teammates. During the 2016 Finals, Green was slapped with a flagrant foul after nailing LeBron James in a very sensitive area and was suspended for Game 5 of the series. While he received a flagrant for that particular move, other fouls of Green’s were overlooked. Just ask Michael Beasley of the Houston Rockets. Or more importantly, ask Oklahoma City Thunder’s Steven Adams who went from a baritone to a soprano after Green kicked him in the groin during their playoff run. While Green was nailed with a flagrant there too, he was failed to be suspended any games.

The Dubs are already stacked with the addition of Kevin Durant (like they weren’t before), but throw Davis into the mix and there could be some serious problems. While it seems perfect on paper, losing Green’s particular skill set could present a problem down the line for the Warriors’ already set chemistry.

  • Clarence Espinosa

    If this trade happens, it’s a wrap for the next ten years.

    • Jim Paponetti

      Trading arguably their most valuable player for a player that is Injury prone, yea sure would be a wrap. They would just choke again against the the King anyways.

  • Jorge Rapidoflash Irizarry

    If this ever happen and I doubt it, I will stop being a Warriors fan. The NBA should not aprove this trade.

  • danielle716

    Why would the Pelicans do this? A straight up Green/Davis trade favors Golden State way too much. Green and Thompson for AD would be more even.