NBA Players React to Tim Duncan’s Retirement

NBA Players React to Tim Duncan’s Retirement

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Tim Duncan, arguably the greatest power forward of all time, announced his retirement earlier today, and NBA players around the league are showing their support. Duncan’s illustrious 19-year career included five NBA championships, two MVP awards and 15 All-Star Game appearances, but the unconditional respect he’s earned from his peers is perhaps his greatest accomplishment.

Here is what those around the league are saying about the retirement of “The Big Fundamental:”

That shoutout is pretty big of LeBron James, especially considering the fact that Duncan’s Spurs knocked him out of the NBA Finals, not once, but twice.

James’ former Miami Heat teammate, Dwyane Wade, chimed in as well:

A slew of Duncan’s teammates took to twitter to show their support, too, including Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker, who each played their entire careers thus far along side Duncan.

Kobe Bryant, who also played his last season in 2015-16, made it a point to give props to the greatest power forward who ever played:

Here are some more tweets in response to the widely expected, but still sobering news from some of Duncan’s great competitors over the years:

There’s no doubt that Duncan’s impact, from his humble, hardworking attitude to his legacy as an unstoppable low-post machine will be felt around the NBA for decades to come. Duncan is undeniably a first ballot Hall of Famer and one of the most revered and respected athletes to ever put on a uniform. As he rides off gracefully into retirement, we, as fans, are left with only memories of “Timmy” that are sure to endure throughout the ages.