VIDEO: Russell Westbrook Disses Stephen Curry After MVP Prediction

VIDEO: Russell Westbrook Disses Stephen Curry After MVP Prediction

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook’s quest to become just the second player ever to average a triple double for an entire season has dominated the MVP conversation all year.

But in just the next state over, Houston Rockets guard James Harden is having a historic season of his own, averaging 28.9 points, 11.3 assists, and 8.0 rebounds per game while scoring much more efficiently than Westbrook, and leading his team to a more successful season.

It’s one of the great MVP races in the history of the league, so the guy who has won the last two MVPs, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, obviouly had to give his two cents, picking Harden as his MVP.

When Westbrook — who isn’t exactly a big fan of Curry or the Warriors — was asked about Curry’s comments, he seemed to suffer a bit of amnesia on the way to a classic response.

Is Russ throwing a little shade at Steph Curry? ?

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This isn’t the only time the Thunder superstar has thrown shade at Curry. Last year, after going up 3-1 on the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Westbrook and then teammate Durant were asked if Curry was an underrated defender. Westbrook simply laughed.

Since then, the Thunder haven’t defeated Golden State a single time. But don’t expect that to change Westbrook’s trash talking ways.