Video: Proof That Russell Westbrook is Overrated

Video: Proof That Russell Westbrook is Overrated

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Oklahoma City Thunder point guard is one of those players who will always be divisive. He puts up incredible numbers, but lacks efficiency. He makes incredible highlight plays, but lacks consistent effort on defense.

Many people pointed at these negative traits as a reason why Kevin Durant decided to leave the Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. Others felt OKC would be better off with Westbrook at the helm of the offense.

If you fall somewhere in the middle of these perspectives, a new video by BBALLBREAKDOWN might sway your opinion.

The video shows that Westbrook, a famously poor outside shooter, may not be as successful at the rim as his reputation suggests. As the host of the video, points out, Westbrook’s field goal percentage at the rim is league average for a point guard. He was worse at the rim than far inferior players like Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier. and Kemba Walker. He gets to the rim an elite amount — but his finishing is a different story.

The video also goes deep into analyzing why Westbrook struggles to finish, attributing most of his problems to footwork and decision-making.

It’s an interesting examination of the difference between the perception of a player and the reality of their play. It would likely come as a surprise to most fans that Steph Curry is a better finisher than Westbrook, especially after Curry’s brutal Finals performance. But this video proves it pretty clearly, and gives good insight into why.

It’s an in-depth and extremely convincing argument, and I’m excited to see how Westbrook fans manage to write it off on Twitter.