Stephen Curry Reveals What He Wanted to Say to Lebron After Game 7

Stephen Curry Reveals What He Wanted to Say to Lebron After Game 7

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After a thrilling game seven of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry went straight to the locker room without so much as word to the Cavaliers team. Most people can sympathize with Curry as losing a game seven in the NBA finals obviously does not feel great.

Curry finally revealed what he wanted to say to LeBron after the game, but never got the chance because too many people were congratulating him on the victory:

“We’ve obviously been on the other side of the situation last year and know how great a feeling that is when you accomplish your goal. It sucked to watch them celebrate, and we wish that would have been us. But at the end of the day, you congratulate them for accomplishing what they set out to do.

“[LeBron] had a lot of people around him congratulating him. But there’s no denying what he was able to accomplish this series. He played pretty great basketball, made some timely shots. Definitely was a huge reason they got it done.

“So hat’s off to him. Winning a championship is no easy task, and he was able to accomplish it with his guys. So you congratulate him. If I do see him, that’s basically what I’d say. Enjoy. Obviously he’s done it before, but enjoy the moment. They definitely deserve it. They played their butts off and got it done.

“That’s a special moment for them. Every person I’ve seen, I’ve talked to, I’d tell them enjoy it because we know how it feels as well.”

via Fox Sports

Curry is definitely a stand up guy and is very humble for this. It’s great that he went to the media and gave James a special congratulations after an amazing victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers.