VIDEO: Charles Barkley Makes Absurd Pick for the Second Best Player in the League

VIDEO: Charles Barkley Makes Absurd Pick for the Second Best Player in the League

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Charles Barkley is famous for his… let’s say “unconventional” takes on modern basketball. He doesn’t think teams can win championships with jump shots and thinks the current NBA is the worst the league has ever been. Overall, Barkley usually comes off like a grumpy old man who doesn’t like these dang kids and their fast-paced basketball.

One of his reoccurring targets is the Golden State Warriors. He has never bought them as the best team in the league and consistently picked inferior teams to beat them.

Today, he made another outlandish comment about a Warrior, but the big surprise: it was actually a compliment.

When discussing the best players in the league, Barkley declares Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson the second best all-around-player in the league after LeBron James, noting that Kawhi Leonard is a close third.

This is, of course, wrong. I’m a Warriors fan, and in my eyes, Thompson is probably the fourth best player on his team, certainly not a top fine player in the league. He isn’t as strong a scorer as Steph Curry or Kevin Durant, and isn’t as impactful a player overall as Draymond Green.


I¬†understand Barkley just wants to get a dig in at Curry, but that doesn’t explain how a person could conclude that Klay is better than Durant. Durant is an MVP and a scoring champion. He was the best player on a team that made the Western Conference Finals time and time again.

Thompson is a strong perimeter defender and a great three point shooter. But he is no Curry and he is no Durant.