Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Admits to Smoking Marijuana

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Admits to Smoking Marijuana

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Golden State Warriors head man Steve Kerr is no stranger to pain. He has been suffering from chronic back pain for years now. Last year, he was forced to miss the first half of the Warriors’ season due to the excruciating pain in his back and the demanding travel schedule the NBA requires for coaches and players.

As of today, Kerr admitted via the Warriors Insider podcast that he has recently tried marijuana as a solution to his pain:

“I guess maybe I could even get in trouble for this, but I’ve tried (marijuana) twice during the last year and a half,” Kerr said on the air.

While it may be somewhat shocking to hear a head coach of a professional sports team admit to drug use, the general view on marijuana these days, particularly in California, where Kerr lives, is much more mild and accepting.

Marijuana is decriminalized in the state of California and those who suffer from chronic pain and/or various ailments may apply for a medical marijuana card.

No word from the NBA yet on how they will respond to Kerr’s admission, if they choose to respond at all. Marijuana use is not allowed in the NBA, though coaches obviously do not get drug tested and Kerr’s admission was very vague. After all, he may have only used in the offseason. Regardless, the sudden admission is still quite the surprise from the NBA Coach of the Year.

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